Workshop + Competition CRIA FAUP

The second edition of the CRIA competition is a partnership between Traço de Luz and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto. After the success of the first edition, held in 2016, focused on lighting design, Traço de Luz launched, in 2018, a new competition dedicated to architecture students. 
The challenge was to create a space for a lamp, inserted in the spatial context of the FAUP Museum.
The competition was launched on April 4, 2018 during an Introduction to Architecture Lighting workshop, that took place at Sala Plana, FAUP, conducted by Traço de Luz, and was showcased in an exhibition during the month of May at the Museum of the Faculty of Architecture. As central exhibited the winning proposal was built inside the FAUP exhibition space.


The CRIA FAUP 2018 Contest is part of the International Conference Cycle Context (s) in Contemporary Architecture: 5 Continents, produced by FAUP, through its research center, CEAU, in a joint action by the research groups Architecture: Theory, Project, History +  House Atlas, and organised by Ana Neiva and José Cabral Dias.

Winning Team: Gabriela Sousa, Inês Giro and Rute Castro