Exhibiting through Space: Immersive Design in Architecture Exhibitions

Exhibiting Architecture is, necessarily, an architectural exercise. To display or communicate ideas within a space entails creating a three-dimensional organization and simultaneously reflecting on the container as an immediate context for the visitor experience. Taking this into account when thinking about exhibiting a building, even assuming the paradox of an external representation of its internal experience, can lead to the development of more engaging, memorable and comprehensive ways of translating architecture representation for a broader audience.
This course promotes the investigation of interactive, emotional, and wide-range of strategies that include consideration of the experience of exhibitions in the broadest sense. By designing an immersive exhibition space through a site-specific approach, students will be confronted with questions of scale and form, construction, legibility and sensorial experience within architecture, allowing them to explore the idea of producing architecture through curation, in the sense of disciplinary production, rather than mere representation.

Chair of History of Architecture and Curatorial Practices. Technical University of Munich / ArchitekturMuseum | Bachelor and Master optional course (Winter Semester 2018-2019).