Ludic Architecture. IV International Encounter on Architectural Education, Spaces and Devices

The IV Meeting on Architectural Education, Spaces and Devices, continues the work developed by the Playground Group during the last years.

The 2017 event, hosted by FAUP, is structured in two main thematic blocks connecting Education and Architecture: the didactic devices and the educational spaces and activities. The devices, including toys, considered as artifacts used in the educational process in architecture. On the other hand, the consideration of the spaces and activities that frame the architectural education, as determinants to the success of learning processes in Architecture.

During two days, speakers from different professionals and academic areas, national and internationally, will address various topics of interest to architects, artists, educators and students, but also for professionals linked to the production and trade of toys and all that, somehow, are engaged into the field of education.

Keynote Speakers: Biagio Di Carlo, Carlos Prata, Diogo Aguiar, Elvira Leite, Franco La Cecla, Gabriela Burkhalter, Gilles Barbara, Juan Bordes, Tamar Zinguer, Virgínio Moutinho and Xosé Manuel Rosales.

Organisers: Marco Ginoulhiac,  Ana Neiva and Rodrigo Coelho (CEAU-FAUP), Jorge Raedo, Fermin Blanco, Virginia Navarro Martínez, Xosé Manuel Rosales e Santiago Atrio Cerezo.