Vicente. O Mito em Lisboa.

 Dedicated to S. Vicente’s myth, Lisbon patron, the exhibition (co-produced by the Lisbon Museum and the Travessa da Ermida Project) is curated by Mário Caeiro. The architectural exhibition project is signed by [CLAN – Carlos Lampreia and Ana Neiva] studio.
Through various objects and artistic languages, works of sculpture, performance, installation, painting, video, drawing, illustration and text, it covers various dimensions and research lines around the Vincentian myth.References from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries dialogue with contemporary works and artistic interventions, presented over the last eight years under the Vicente project, or specially created for this exhibition. Participant artists: Xana, João Ribeiro, Miguel Januário, André Banha, Dominik Lejman, Simeon Nelson, Jana Matejkova, Régis Perray, Alessandro Lupi, Marta Soares, Isabel Baraona, among others.
The installation proposes the construction of several interior spaces (the multiplied Chapel) separated by small and autonomous streets (the Travessa). The immersive experience of the installed works is promoted by the reference to Lisbon medieval city ambience: the squares, the streets, the spaces between (almost labyrinthine), where you can freely move and find the works once displayed on the platter, outside the chapel, invite you to go on free and unpredictable route. 

Exhibition Project: Carlos Lampreia e Ana Neiva, arquitectos [CLAN] 

Curation: Mário Caeiro.

Pavilhão Preto, Palácio Pimenta. Museu de Lisboa. Lisbon, Portugal.



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